3D Printing

There’s quite a buzz about 3D printing and it’s influence on the landscape of manufacturing, education, business … so how does it affect you?

With pricing at just $1500 for a starter model and easy-use, 3D printing is accessible not just to large companies but also to small ones as well as individuals. You can print almost anything, from washers and bolts to shoes and watches and art, to small parts for engines to large parts of airplanes, and yes, even body parts: an 83-year-old woman received a lower jaw implant created by one of these printers.

No need for a jaw or bolts? How bout’ designing samples for a potential employer? Several of our Object Designers have been using 3D printing to create samples of their work.

Imagine heading out to a meeting knowing your client collects old west sheriff’s badges? Print one off with your company name and logo … and his. Customized, quick, impactful. And coming to your desktop very soon.


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