BUZZCO'S Account Pros and Project managers tell our clients exactly what's on their mind.

our clients thank us every day

Account Coordinators
They are young and smart and well, you have to start somewhere. Fresh from college they maintain client accounts, budgets, and talk daily with clients the marketing teams. They may be on the bottom of the pyramid today but don’t look back but tomorrow is another day.
Account Directors
Account directors excel at planning budgets, activities for account management, and setting up goals and objectives for everybody else. They are not afraid to provide honest feedback to the client. Don’t be surprised if you find them on the driving range, providing feedback to their account staff on how to meet quotas/objectives or how to fix their slices.
Account Executives
The bridge between client needs and creative dreams. The good ones are liked by both and seem to be able to get everything done without ruffling any feathers. Their ability to cause strong relationships on both sides usually result in happy clients and repeat business.
Account Managers

Account managers focus on exceeding the needs of clients whenever possible. As point of contact for clients, they are instrumental in building customer relationships, generating revenue, and getting a pair of Cubs tickets at a moment’s notice 


Ask Us!

It’s not easy finding account professionals and project managers that can hit the ground running.
That’s why I have been so pleased with the service provided by BuzzCo.
They have always provided top candidates and exponentially shortened the search time for us.

They are a go-to for new hires.

– Laura D, Marketing Director

Production Managers
The production manager always “knows a guy.” Need to get a client’s logo on a beer koozie or on a blimp above the stadium? East coast or west coast, on every continent on the globe, count on them to find a way to get ‘er done.
Marketing Professionals
At the helm of the project management software, checking the benchmark deliverables, making sure everything stays on course. Big on managing expectations. If the ship goes off course, you might just walk the plank. But when deadlines are met and everybody is smiling, they are the first to pick up the tab for the first round of margaritas.
Marketing Professionals
This is a catch all for generalists that could be experts in several things. You might hire them initially to help you with copy content. Then you realize they write for SEO or might suggest a great idea for a case study or a marketing brief. Don’t pin them down. They are likely to surprise you in a good way.
Traffic Coordinators
The world’s first electric traffic signal or traffic coordinator was put into place on the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 5, 1914. Count on our traffic coordinators to have excellent communication and organization skills and are proficient in project management and scheduling.  

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