Art Directors
Not your Dad’s Art Director. They’re developing creative strategies and solutions to meet clients’ advertising/marketing objectives. They’re skilled with a pencil or a laptop, ready to develop and direct strategy, client presentations, campaigns, photoshoots, videos, websites to create a branded voice and identity.

On one hand, there’s the fearless junior copywriter who’s got great ideas and a way with words but not a lot of experience. On the other hand, there’s the copy pro that can deliver tight concepts and compelling narrative, and targeted messaging that is always spot on. It’s good to know that when words fail you, we’ll have the right copywriter for every project.

Creative Directors
Your team leader understands the clients’ lofty goals, will help build a brand, and oversee the team, all in a day’s work. From the initial pitch to the all-nighters, the creative director has a knack for making sure everybody collaborates to bring about the “right” solution, knows where the best Thai take-out is, and is more interested in client success than personal accolades.

Working from an existing look and feel or starting with a blank page and a creative brief, these are the people that take an idea and develop, organize, and execute it into a compelling visual message. Looking for company logos, websites, clothing, books, games, or product user manuals? We have the squad to get it done.

Ask Us!


I have known the owners of BuzzCo for 30+ years, so of course I use their services! I have always received the ideal candidate for my freelance copywriting needs.


BuzzCo’s pre-screen process is the best in the business and the creative help that they suggest is always the perfect fit for the job at hand. BuzzCo gets my recommendation – 100%. They’re good people to work with.

  – Tony K, Creative Director
Whether traditional or digital, an illustrator is capturing the client’s vision.  If you need help on client pitches, logos, posters, infographics or storyboards, our talented illustrators have what it takes to make your company’s vision come to life.

Package Designers
A three-dimensional designer who truly thinks outside the box. Or is it a box at all? They get that the most exciting part of any product is the packaging.

Photo Stylists
Ever wonder why some photos are simply perfect?  Stylists naturally have a gift to accessorize! They work with the photographer and can find anything. Just don’t ask where they found it.

Proofers/Copy Editors
Grammarly or spellcheck is no replacement for the detailed and meticulous proofreader who can find all spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency errors. They understand the writer’s tone and messaging and can keep it real like only a live copy editor can.

Studio Photographers
The studio photographer can shoot anything from a postage stamp, a poodle, or a Porsche. Masters of artificial light, composition, and creating editable digital files. They can be awesome at directing talent and making clients feel special. They can work solo or pair them with a stylist or a food stylist and there’s no limit to what they can create.

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