What makes your Chicago summers buzz?

There is something about summers in Chicago that keeps us here. From the festivals to the farmers markets. From finally breaking out the bicycles to whatever it is you do on the lakeshore path. Let us know what keeps you in Chicago year after year despite the epically aweful winters that we all endure.

In the box above, write what makes your summers in Chicago buzzzzz!

Summer 2015

vegan hot dogs on the gril!

sticky buds and gnarly tubes!


I am the new guy

Proudly wearing their speedos with a farmer’s tan

Anticipating enjoying the first taco bell that serves booze even though they’ve already spent too much time intoxicated at taco bell.

Co-riding with over-served Chicago sports fans on the L without getting kicked or punched

Smuggling fireworks from indiana, it’s sorta legal

Porta-potty visits at a music festival

Winter Toe Nails. That’s all.

Pondering where those phantom water drops are really coming from on a sunny day

Steering clear of out of control Divvy bikes

Successfully managing beard sweat in 85% humidity

Swamp butt. [look it up]

Successfully acting like a tourist on michigan avenue by simultaneously walking and staring upward, accomplishing a clear birth without running into anyone

Overly aggressive street canvassers

Being ok with everyone becoming a bicyclist on the 606

Reading overly aggressive staffing firms daily barrage of emails about chicago and summer

Swimming comfortably in 60º water only 10ths of a point from a code brown

Avoiding crotch rocket daredevils on expressways on weekend nights

Photo bombing wedding pictures in millennium park

Sniffing out the direction of the chocolate factory to avoid the intoxicating sewer smells

Dodging segway tours

Channeling your inner-child and spotting the ice-cream man in spite of the gobs of honking traffic

Swallowing your pride and trekking to the suburban Ikea for new patio furniture

Successfully having a private party conversation in the backyard of a typical chicago lot avoiding the ever present eavesdropping neighbor

Attending “tastes of” festivals throughout the whole chicagoland area

browsing fall fashions before we enjoy 80º

Adapting to bipolar weather patterns by always packing rain boots and a parka

Understanding that road construction season really is a season

The warm weather realization that south of I-80 is still part of Illinois

Helping food truck owners make up for their lack of income 8 months out of the year

Making the most of the summer harvest..this fluorescent green hotdog relish is organic, right?

Ignoring the subconsciously implanted ear worm of home on the range / the entertainer / do your ears hang low you got from creepy ice cream truck

Cursing whatever fest is causing street closures on your route.

Pretending you know anything about the sport while commentating for the North Ave Beach Volleyball

Experience a unique cocktail of anticipation and dread in preparation for the Air and Water Show.

Always keeping a quarter mile radius of distance between you and Navy Pier.

Adamantly insisting to your out of town relatives that Navy Pier is not worth it.

Rekindling old friendships just because they have boats and/or rooftop pools

18 yr olds showing off their feather tattoos at festivals

Fake that we’re from the south and wear daisy dukes

Making the most of a 60 days of summer

Deadheads looking dead