Thank You

My mother always told me to thank people who have given you their time during an interview. But these days, is an email enough? Or do you need to send a thank you letter, too?

 Sending an email from the train on your mobile is way too convenient and anyone can do that! Always send a thank you letter. And an email.

Send an email the evening of your interview. Thank them for their time and let them know you would be excited to work with their team.

A thank you letter is your chance to show some personality along with cementing your sincerity about wanting that job. Purchase or design the card in advance as you may be exhausted from your interview. It’s easy to blow off writing this crucial piece of love: if you’re organized and have it right in front of you, it’s just execution.

Get it to a mailbox that night. Or first thing the next morning. But absolutely no later.

 And there you have it. Do it. Winner winner chicken dinner.



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